Oct 26

It’s fall, y’all

It’s fall, so that means pumpkin patches, festivals and costumes.

And sweat. Lots of sweat, apparently. We are having record breaking warm temps this year and it’s hot.

Don’t worry, highs of 90 in late October won’t slow us down. It just makes for red faced kids and melted chocolate.

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin patch
Boo at the Zoo
Costume birthday party
Pumpkin patch
Story time

Sep 27

Happy birthday, brother

This sweet guy turned 3 today! He’s a ball of pure energy, always on the go. A man of few words, and abundant cuddles. Lover of UmiZoomi, Sofia the first and duplos. Fan of cereal, chocolate milk and cake pops.

I love you more than Buzz lightyear, and that’s a lot of loving.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!

Sep 15

Bits day

Birthdays are kinda big around here. The birthday kid is in charge for the whole day. At the ripe old age of 5, Bit totally understands. She woke up early with a bad dream, but I really think it was pure excitement.

She asked for heart shaped pancakes with strawberries for breakfast and wanted to go to the aquarium to see the sea horses.

She asked her daddy for steak, strawberries, macaroni and “Sven” carrots for dinner and he treated her to a berry pie as well.

She finished her day snuggled up for a movie night (Tangled) in new Frozen Jammie’s from Aunt Kelly and her crew.

She received so many calls, texts and birthday songs all day. She is so loved and we are so thankful.

Happy birthday, Bit! We love you more than coffee, and that’s a lot of love.


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