Mar 17

Super love

It’s been a while since I posted here, yet again. It’s not from lack of things going on, but maybe too much. We are on the soccer field daily at this point and loving it.

But tonight, Bit made me want to write, so at least this is here when she’s a teenager and not as sweet as 4 year old Bit can be.

She colored me several pictures today, like always, but at bedtime she told me “I drew those for you today because I super love you and one is a thank you card for all the mommy things you do.”

Yeah, that needed to be documented. She’s so sweet. I super love her too.


Jan 12

Girls Day Out

Every once in a while, we remember to have special dates with each kiddo. J wish we did this monthly, but honestly, it rarely works out that way.

After the long Christmas break, and now sharing a classroom for a while at the new preschool, the kids needed a break from each other.

Bit and I decided on lunch, a little shopping and a trip to a local art museum. The Kimbell was hosting a kids day, full of art stations, performances and artists to chat with. My little artist was in heaven.

She made a collage, a mobile, and created with paint and mixed media. She also listened to a local artist describe his materials and took a shot at naming a painting.

The boys had their day of fun as well, but in true boy fashion, there are no pictures. They went to the zoo and had a yummy lunch then both enjoyed the quiet for a good nap.

This was one of our more elaborate date days, but each activity was perfect for the kiddo. Do you take the time to spend one on one time with each child?

Jan 08

Wordless Wednesday: Viola

I love kids in the kitchen. Especially in cute, personalized, matching aprons.


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